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KAB Electronic

DK-8920 Randers NV

KAB Electronic has more than 30 years experience within electronics og associated software.
In that time we have developed and manufactured industrial electronics
for a wide range of customers and in a wide area of products.
Our expertise is in microcontrollers and associated software, but of course,
we're also working with analog measurement signals and combinations thereof.
In addition, we have experience in software development for Windows PC platform.
In production, we are strongest in smaller series.

In recent years we have focused on development and production of controllers
for biofueled heating units in close cooperation with the manufacturers.

Besides special tasks, the following can be mentioned from our product log:
- Strip Printers for Front Panel mounting for counting, time measurement, monitoring etc.
- Modules for socket- or DIN rail mounting for measurering and signal convertion.
- Front Panel Instruments such as timers, counters and for monitoring of measured signals.

If you have an idea or an urgent need, please contact us for an
informal conversation or send us an e-mail at the address below.
We gladly join your project and will be happy to contribute with our knowledge and experience.

Tel: 86 45 47 45

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